About Jen X Equine

Jen X is more than a company, it's a revolution.

Taking the lessons learned as a rider, trainer, owner, and designer, Jen X founder Jennie Hegeman provides both the rider and horse with the best gear possible from the break to the Olympic Games. She does this by combining the latest innovations from the world of sports, aerospace, and fashion. But it doesn't stop there.

Jen X also provides a unique insight into the industry. Too many times we see big names or companies jump into the equine field with the hopes of introducing something new. And too many times again we see those same big names and companies fail. They fail because they don't understand the market. They should have asked Jen X.

With an intimate understanding of what the horse, the rider, and the customer needs, Hegeman is sought after by Fortune 500 companies as they attempt to gain ground in the $112 billion industry.

So stop sitting on the sidelines and join in the game. Make Jen X part of your equine experience.