English Saddle Pads

The New 2020 XP's are here and ready to liven up your competition. Independent panel construction, elastic spine, ergonomic insert design, bi-level performance mean even more shoulder freedom, engagement of the back, impulsion of the hind end, with all the same impact protection with a thinner close contact insert.  Check out our full pads and half pads in Dressage, Close Contact, and Cross Country available in Purple, Royal Blue, Hunter Green, Teal, White, Black, and Navy. Matching stirrup leathers and neck straps have arrived as well!

Creating saddle pads that meet the many demands of English riding is no easy task. Luckily our founder and designer is up to the challenge. Utilizing the latest technology and decades of experience in the equine world, Jen X English pads are available in both AP/Close Contact, Dressage and Cross Country styles.

We are not a company for the masses. Instead, we design our saddle pads for the people who dream, breathe, and live horses ... the horse who is their partner and best friend. We create for horsemen and horsewomen whose lives and livelihoods depend on their animals. If horses are a part of your very soul ... we get it and we make our saddle pads for you.

We are Jen X Equine and we combine the very best science has to offer for both you and your horse.