Veteran's Equestrian Tribute Collection

Jen X Equine Veterans Equestrian Tribute pad:

It is with profound respect, Jen X Equine presents the Veteran's Equestrian Tribute or V.E.T. Pad.

Each pad is embroidered with the name of the Veteran you choose to ride in honor. Left and Right patches, denoting branch of military, are stitched before the base of the swallow tail in military custom. Every pad is unique and tells a story of heroism, sacrifice and honor.

English Style V.E.T. Pads come in AP and Dressage and have Savoire Suede top fabric.

Western Style V.E.T. Pads are topped with Pendleton Wool.

All pads are black.

Each V.E.T. Pad comes with XRD technology inserts and are made from the high tech materials Jen X is known for, including 18oz breather core and medical grade fleece. Custom sizing is available free of charge.

Each and every pad is individually made from all American Made materials and manufactured in the United States of America.

To learn more about the Veteran's Equestrian Tribute pads, visit the Jen X Equine FB page and watch the video.

We at Jen X would like to thank all that have served and continue to serve and were the inspiration behind this pad

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