Xtreme Performance "XP" Barrel Pad

Xtreme Performance Barrel Pad Series

30"x 36" Stock Size

This is not a western pad cut into a "barrel" shape. This is a pad series designed because we listened to barrel racers, their needs for their horses and their sport. This series is like nothing else on the market because we engineered it viewing Barrel Racing as the Extreme sport that it is. Treating the horses as top speed sport athletes and the riders as the fierce, strong competitors that they are... Why? Because you asked us to and because Barrel Racing is more than just a shape... It's a Badass sport with Badass athletes and Badass horses. You all asked for XTREME... here you go.

When it comes down to the millisecond, the XP Barrel Pads are designed for speed while supporting the shoulder AND protecting the back. Contoured, extreme wither relief and a shoulder support cut, create increased mobility to make turning faster and more fluid. The XP Barrel Pad Series have an advanced molecular cushioning system with flexible XRD material for exceptional impact absorption providing increased stability and performance. The Xtreme Performance Barrel Pad series feature a unique air management liner system that disperses heat on contact. Lightweight, breathable design gives excellent recovery value and maximum mobility.

These Xtreme Performance Barrel Pads are designed for pro racers and those with dreams of going pro.

Lightweight, flexible pad features a contoured design to give horses unrestricted motion.  

Our Innovative Breather Core provides a highly breathable, non-woven polyester liner, capable of dispersing heat up to 480F degrees and has 155 PSI

30mm 20 micron density sheepskin alternative fleece provides the maximum moisture management and heat dispersal. The days of soggy, fungus infested saddle pads are over thanks to our Sheepskin Alternative Fleece.  This easy care, quality fleece, provides rapid heat release along with pressure relief. Excellent breathability allows air and blood flow to circulate freely between the saddle pad and your horse's back.

The XRD inserts are free moving to increase flexibility and protect both horse and rider.  Our XRD Technology Impact and Support Foam provides the highest level of impact protection on the equestrian market....by far.  Equestrian sports rank in the top 10 of the World's most dangerous sports.  NFL and NHL don't even make the list.  This cutting-edge, molecular technology is the only impact technology rated for equine sport.  We use almost double the amount of XRD than other companies ... Why?... because it's not about the profit and the yield, it's about the safety of our riders and their horses and doing what right.  Our inserts are Microban injected to inhibit bacterial growth.  There is no apples to apples in this market... there is Jen X Equine and all others.

6-8 oz drum-dyed bullhide barrel cut wear leathers are geometrically cut with a shoulder guard and are hand cut and trimmed.  
Available in Red, Black, Tobacco, Turquoise, Hot Pink and Purple

Machine wash Cold, Hang to Dry

3 top fabric choices, Premium Pendleton $465, Medium weight Pendleton $390 and Savoire Suede technical fabric for $315

Jen X is proud to be working with Pendleton Woolen Mills. Pendleton, is a 150 year old Family owned American company that has been weaving world class fabrics, in the Pacific NW, for over 100 years. Pendleton wool is literally the fabric that dressed the American west and can be seen draped around History's greats such as Chief Joseph and Sitting Bull.  Pendleton is legendary, iconic and their Native and Plaid Designs are recognized world wide for for being heirloom quality and lasting through generations.  We offer pads in both premium wight and medium weight Pendleton.

Savoire Suede is an exceptionally unique micro-denier designed to meet the challenges and specifications of today's top performance products. It is an extremely technical fabric that combines durability, high abrasion resistance, it wicks and evaporates moisture all in incredibly soft, fungus resistant material.

Custom sizing free of charge with a 5 working day lead time.

Made in USA from all U.S. Made Materials.

Cutting-Edge Technology, Revolutionary Designs