Inside the Jen X Designs

Jen Hegeman has become one of the preeminent saddle pad designers of the last decade. First at Fleeceworks and then at Toklat, her work has graced the backs of horses riding in everything from the Olympics to WEGs to Tevis to regional rodeos and LDs.

So what makes her work so ground breaking?

Our Inserts

Xtreme Protection and Top Performance... The Most Impact Absorbing Inserts in the Equine Industry.

Every equestrian knows that our sport has more traumatic brain injuries (TBIs)  and concussions than all major sports combined! That's why we at Jen X searched the world over for the most advanced materials that keep us safer, help us perform better, and allow us to enjoy our sports knowing we're doing everything we can for our safety and the safety of our silent partners who give us their all.


Ultra-light, ergonomically cut layer, of high-density PORON® XRD™, provides the ultimate protection for horse and rider by absorbing over 90% of the impact. Comprised of millions of microscopic molecules, PORON® XRD™ conforms to your horses back, recovering instantly after every step and acting as continually adjusting protective shield against shock. The ergonomic design allows a full range of motion as it blends with your horse's musculoskeletal system. Our inserts provide freedom of movement for the horse, a more secure seat for the rider, and back protection for both horse and rider. PORON® XRD™ is a Microban injected (not coated) product for anti-fungal and antimicrobial protection that will not wipe or wear off.


Introducing NextJen - a viscoelastic that was four years in the making. NextJen's super high-performance density allows it to succeed where the others fell flat. With a temperature breadth functioning at super high and low temps (-40F/C  to 220F ((104.5C)) with an optimal functioning temp of 102F (39C), it's there, providing protection with every footfall.

Our Insert Options

1/4” Poron XRD molecular impact technology.

This 20lbs density foam absorbs over 90% of the impact for both horse and rider, It is a great choice for English saddles, close-fitting saddles, and round barreled, mutton withered horses. It does not interfere or correct saddle fit or correct conformational issues. It creates the ultimate contact and feel for competitive horses.

Our 1/4" inserts have all the same shock absorbing qualities as our 1/2" thanks to their higher density rating.

You should choose the 1/4" for:

one fourth inch

1/2” Ponron XRD molecular impact technology.

This 15lbs density foam absorbs over 90% of impact for both horse and rider. It is a great choice for Endurance horses/saddles, especially those competing at 100 miles. It has moderate saddle fit correction and helps with some conformational issues. 

Our 1/2" thickness is also a great choice for minor saddle fit correction, heavier riders (more than 200 lbs), and extreme sports like 100-mile Endurance Rides or 3-Day Eventing.

You should choose the 1/2" for:


NextJen 3/4” High-Performance VE technology.

This foam was specifically engineered for equine use and has ultra-fast recovery to cradle your horse’s top line every step, walk-gallop. It functions at extreme temperatures from freezing to past 170F.

NextJen is a great choice for A- framed horses, older horses, horses in need of top-line development. It has great saddle corrective properties for bridging and wider fitting saddles and has great support and spinal clearance for treeless saddles.

For English saddles, choose front or back shims from this material to give lift where needed and still provide all the protection needed for you and your horse's backs.


Saddle Pads

The basic saddle pad designs can be found in several pad categories. Starting with the gaited while going to endurance and others, these pads are designed to the best out of both horse and rider.

At Jen X Equine you'll find the latest generation of designs by Jen Hegeman. Fleeceworks, Matrix, T3 Coolback and T3 Woolback were the predecessors to this line. Always improving and updating, we use the latest in technological advances in textiles and polymers worthy of equine extreme sports.

The pad designs are all about the physiological and impact control needs of the horse with bonus features of wash and wear as well as extra impact protection for the rider.

We think about our equipment the same way you do ... horse first.


High profile, fleece supported spine channel, immediate heat dispersal, with impact-absorbing inserts that help you be a more effective rider who can maintain position longer. All of the design features together to create a piece of equipment that translates to less fatigue, for both equine and human athletes, resulting in faster and better PNR results, vet scores, and faster overall recoveries. (You'll be happier and less sore too but we know you don't really care about that, as long as your horse is happy)


So if you're looking for a saddle pad that makes a difference, that truly helps the performance of both the horse and rider, then Jen X saddle pads are the pads for you. 


We are Jen X Equine and we combine the very best art and science has to offer for both you and your horse