Barrel Saddle Pads

This is not a western saddle pad cut into a “barrel” shape. These are saddle pads designed because we listened to barrel racers, their needs for their horses and their sport. This series is like nothing else on the market. Treating the horses as top speed sport athletes and the riders as the fierce, strong competitors they are because Barrel Racing is more than just a shape … it’s a Badass sport with Badass athletes and Badass horses who deserve Badass saddle pads. 

When it comes down to the millisecond, the XP Barrel Saddle Pads are designed for speed while supporting the shoulder AND protecting the back. Contoured, extreme wither relief and a shoulder support cut, create increased mobility to make turning faster and more fluid. The XP Barrel Saddle Pad Series have an advanced molecular cushioning system with flexible XRD material for exceptional impact absorption providing increased stability and performance. The Xtreme Performance Barrel Pad series feature a unique air management liner system that disperses heat on contact. Lightweight, breathable design gives excellent recovery value and maximum mobility.

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