Endurance Saddle Pads

The XP Endurance Saddle Pads are the latest generation of Jen Hegeman’s endurance pad designs.
Unlike earlier iterations of Jen’s work such as Fleeceworks, Matrix, T3 Coolback and T3 Woolback, her XP Endurance Saddle Pads use the latest technical advances in textiles and polymers worthy of an extreme sport like Endurance. It’s all about the physiological and impact control needs of the horse under saddle with bonus features of wash and wear, and extra impact pad protection for the rider. We think of Endurance equipment the same way you do … horse first. Ultimately this means less fatigue for both equine and human athletes … or faster and better PNR results, vet scores and faster overall recoveries. Can other saddle pads say that? 
Each pad is ergonomically cut, completely shimmable, and employ an ultra breathable anti-friction top fabric that stops heat at its source. 
Jen’s endurance saddle pad designs are used by the U.S and other World Teams on the world’s toughest courses. If its your first LD or your first Tevis…. we literally have your back and unlike any other brand. You can directly ask the designer about her saddle pad goals and designs … she loves nothing more than helping people and their horses achieve their goals. 

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