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Replaceable Saddle Pad Inserts & Shims

Xtreme Protection and Top Performance …the most impact absorbing inserts in the equine industry.

Every week we hear from people tired of spending money on “crap that doesn’t work.” People frustrated from falling once again for slick marketing with all the right buzz words with pics that look “techie” … it’s basically bs that our horses figure out right away 🙂 But don’t blame yourself.  

A little known fact about the equine equipment industry is we’re unregulated. There are no ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) standards for our equipment (bar helmets and vests) so manufacturers can say almost anything about a product … even if it’s unsubstantiated, doesn’t apply to equine application, or is an outright lie. That’s why we make videos (like Inside the Saddle Pad Designs) where Jen explains what material we use and why. 

You won’t find carpet foam, insolation foams, foams created for a bed or couch, or random materials you can pick up at Home Depot in our saddle pads … unlike the other guys. We only use polymers created for high performance sports or technologies we create with chemists rated for our industry. We also never stitch our inserts inside the saddle pad in order to hide the materials we use. They are removable so you can text them, wash them, or switch them for an insert perfect for you and your horse. That makes it easier for you to choose right equipment for the right job.

We are extremely proud of the 1000’s of hours (and dollars) that goes into our research and development efforts … not to mention the product testing. Now you have the ability to protect your friends, families, and horses with the right saddle pad.

Why are we so sure about our material? Here’s a link to an independent video about the PORON® XRD™ material we use. 


Ultra-light, ergonomically cut layer, of high density PORON® XRD™, provides the ultimate protection for horse and rider by absorbing over 90% of impact. Comprised of millions of microscopic molecules, PORON® XRD™ conforms to your horses back, recovering instantly after every step and acting as continually adjusting protective shield against shock. The ergonomic design allows full range of motion as it blends with your horse’s musculoskeletal system. Our inserts provide freedom of movement for the horse, a more secure seat for the rider and back protection for both horse and rider. PORON® XRD™ is a Microban injected (not coated) product for anti-fungal and antimicrobial protection that will not wipe or wear off.

We don’t have a marketing budget. Why would we?…We have the most powerful voices in you and your horse. We invest the money you invest in us on research and development to keep improving the safety and comfort of our sports, moving the industry’s bar forward, just like you want us too. Our marketing?…is you and your horse, spreading the word about products that redefine the industry standards.

Still don’t think we are that different or have more specific questions about a product that we didn’t cover in the description?… call us and ask to speak to Jen. Thats right, call and talk to the designer… not the sales rep, not a manager or customer service agent… the actual creator of the product. How’s that for different?! 

You can find Jen X designs in the Olympics and WEG’s to trails and arenas all over the world. 

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