Super Stick Western Saddle Pads

S4 Super Stick in Tan Harding and Red The S4 in S4 saddle pads stands for “Savoire Suede Super Stick” and it’s the only physiologically sound grip in the industry. These pads actually protects your horse from the impact of the job while providing an unmatched stability that allows you to feel every footfall.  

For more than 6 years we searched for a sound alternative to the traditional grips on the market like neoprene, rug stop, and shelf liner – but these saddle pad solutions lead to over heating, friction and soreness caused by the horse’s soft tissue breakdown. After rejecting more than 1,000 samples we happened upon a piece of Savoire Suede. Within hours we had a working super stick saddle pad prototype that we now call the S4 Series.  

Designed for arena work, the S4 saddle pads the performance advantage for any speed event and excels at Calf Roping, Mounted Shooting, Barrels or any other sport where a millisecond makes all the difference. We don’t just make equine equipment, we revolutionize it.

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