Riding Ponchos & Capes

How many times have you sacrificed comfort or warmth for style? Now you don't have to make that choice because our ponchos won't just make you stand out in a crowd - they'll make you stand out in a stadium. Battle this season's fall and winter cold with flair in our handmade, incredibly warm, and completely custom Riding Ponchos and Cloaks. Each a one of a kind creation, our ponchos & cloaks are made from authentic blanket weight Pendleton® Wool. They are reversible, breathtakingly beautiful, and are on the cutting edge of today's fashion trends.

Our Riding Ponchos and Capes are individually handcrafted from all natural materials making each a unique creation. Completely reversible, each are made from authentic Pendleton Wool, hand striped leather or lambskin trim, and natural deer shed toggles. Coordinating saddle pads, in both English and Western styles, are available for a lucky few who act fast.

As each piece is completely custom and usually takes 7-10 working days to create this kind of beauty.

Our Riding Ponchos and Capes are made in the USA from All American Made Materials.


Manhattan to the Mountains, they're perfect anywhere.