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Includes a 4oz bottle of Leather Amore and a 4oz bottle of Chap Pro Leather Guard.


Leather Amore – For top quality care of leather including reptile and exotic leathers. It will not only clean and condition, but also retards soiling and resists water spotting. Buffed to luster, it keeps your leather attractive and supple. Leather Amore penetrates leather to get dirt and grime out by gently lifting smudges and boosting the life of the leather with special oils and conditioners. Regular care and cleaning will add tremendously to the life of your leather.

WILL CAUSE COLOR CHANGE ON: Leather that is natural (no finish) such as aniline, naked and smoke tanned. If Leather Amore is used on these leathers treat the entire article to attain the most uniform tone possible. Be aware that these leathers come with no protective coating and stain easily and permanently.

NOT FOR USE ON: Suede, roughout, nubuck or split leather.

Chap Pro – Waterproofs and protects your leather chaps giving them longer life. Clean your chaps with Chaps PRO Cleaner.


Perfect show/endurance ride size kit for the trailer. We recommend this kit to take care of our Jemmelli hand stained Italian Stirrup Leathers.

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