XP Western Show Saddle Pad in Pendleton Diamond Ridge

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XP Western Show Saddle Pad in Pendleton Diamond Ridge

When galloping into the arena you want the crowd to notice your horse, your riding, your speed and your skill. What you don’t want them noticing is your saddle pad bucking back and forth when charging hard or making that turn. If that’s what’s happening with your current saddle pad then you’ve come to the right place.

Traditional pad designs aren’t always the answer for horses with normal or mutton withers. The JenX XP Western Show Saddle Pads are the answer thanks to our bi-level bottom combination of fleece that provides optimal temperature control and a hard charging grip.

What the crowd will notice is the incredible Pendleton Diamond Ridge design elicits memories of the old west. The black, ivory, grey, and cream make a great statement for any cowgirl or boy. 

Want to make sure your horse recognizes your signals in the blink of an eye? They will. Need something snug and supportive without binding the shoulders? This is your pad. Tired of the heat spots, the wells, or the hair coming off their back or mane? You won’t have to worry any more.

Like all of our saddle pads this Western Show pad is designed by a rider, a trainer, and a designer which means she understands exactly what you and your horse need to make every ride the best it can be … at least when it comes to your pads.

This saddle pad is manufactured in the USA with 100% US made materials.

Xtreme Performance Western Saddle Pad Collection

  • Features an  2 1/2″ inverse profile build up (creating needed wither relief)
  • Top fabric is 32oz premium weight Pendleton Wool
  • Fleece spine channel
  • Breather Core
  • XRD Technology
  • Unique air management liner system that disperses heat on contact
  • Lightweight, breathable design gives excellent recovery value and maximum mobility
  • Flexible pad is contoured to provide unrestricted motion

30mm 20 micron density Fleece: 

  • Ergonomically cut
  • Optimally supports saddle panels and horses back
  • Does not bisect the muscle of the shoulder
  • Rapid heat release
  • Pressure relief
  • Excellent breathability for maximum air flow and blood circulation
  • Provides maximum moisture management

Breather Core:

  • Innovative core of highly breathable non-woven polyethylene
  • Capable of wicking moisture and dispersing heat up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit 
  • Promotes airflow (rated at 155 psi)
  • Provides multidirectional conformability 
  • Resistant to oils, solvents, acids and akalis

XRD Advanced Molecular Cushioning System:

  • XRD Technology Impact and Support Foam provides the highest level of impact protection on the equestrian market….by far. (During our research and development the XRD material immediately brought a bowling ball to a dead stop from a 6 foot drop.)                             
  • Impact absorbing inserts are used for increased stability and performance
  • Inserts do not bisect muscle groups                                                      
  • Inserts are Microban injected to inhibit bacterial growth

Saddle Pad Care instructions: 

  • All Pendleton saddle pads are washer friendly ON COLD
  • Hang to dry
  • If there is wear on the leathers then oil right out of the machine
  • Should be relatively easy as the inserts are removable
  • Please contact us at Info@JenXEquine.com for more. 

Have more questions about our saddle pads? Then take a look Behind the Designs.  

Additional information

Weight 112 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 32 × 19 in
Insert Technology Materials

Nextjen 3/4" HD Visco Ortho Support Technology, PORON® XRD® 1/2" Insert Technology, PORON® XRD® 1/4" Insert Technology

1 review for XP Western Show Saddle Pad in Pendleton Diamond Ridge

  1. Tina Coker Hammonds

    Jen X pads and equipment incorporate cutting edge technology with beauty and functionality. These are the best pads I’ve ever had. I normally get a half pad set, but I also have this pad and love it just as much. It looks amazing on lots of colors, and my husband likes the ease of fitting this under his saddle. I cannot recommend Jen X products enough. If you are on the fence, make the investment – you and your horse will understand the difference once you try a Jen X pad.

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