Ergonomic All Purpose Half Pad in White w/Sheepskin – Clearance




Ergonomic All Purpose Half Pad in White w/Sheepskin – Clearance

From the designer of the first Official Saddle Pads of the USEF (if you watched the Olympics or the WEG, you’ve seen Jen’s work) we bring a real deal on this clearance product. 

Our pads are ergonomically shaped to fit today’s saddle panels by supporting the entire length of your saddle panels AND the horse’s muscles under those panels. That means an increase in range of shoulder motion and stability in the saddle. Why do all other companies make their half pads to fit saddle panels from the late 1800’s? We don’t know either.

The Xtreme Performance Saddle Pad Collection utilizes American made high performance sporting textiles chosen specifically for the needs of equine sport and are insert and shim compatible. 

Though this is an earlier design, and comes without any inserts (you can still purchase them separately), these pads are still a heck of a lot better than most on the market … especially at this price. 

One of the true treasures in this half pad is the sheepskin. Great for reducing heat, the sheepskin base also disperses and reduces the amount of pressure points. Not something every half pad can claim. 

The top fabric is ETC fabric. ETC is a lightweight, breathable easy clean, dirt repellent material that provides grip without friction. It’s the only non-slip in the industry physiologically sound for horses. The weave acts as a membrane to encourage moisture evaporation and prevent heat build up.

Breather Cloth allows our innovative core of highly breathable non-woven polyethylene to easily wick moisture and disperse temperatures up to 480 degrees. Our core is resistant to oils, solvents, acids, alkalis and is rated at 155 psi. We’re talking multidirectional conformability with no binders to prevent air flow. 






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