Gaited, Treeless & Trail Saddle Pads

Our Gaited, Treeless, and Trail Saddle Pads are made for those who take to the trail for competition or leisure. Easy trails to rides guaranteed to ask the most of both you and your horse, having the right saddle pad ensures both you and your horse will have many comfortable miles to come.

These saddle pads are a hybrid of historic washable Pendleton wool fabric and high tech sport performance textiles. Honoring legendary men such as Chief Joseph and Sitting bull, we combine the old with the new to deliver flexibility, breathability, abrasion resistance and style. Our saddle pads are designed for people who dream, breath and sleep horses ... we make our saddle pads with you in mind. We are Jen X Equine and our saddle pads are the ultimate in comfort and performance for you and your horse.


We are Jen X Equine and we combine the very best science has to offer for both you and your horse.