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Western Saddle Pads 

Talent only goes so far.... equipment does the rest. Western sports require split second performance. Cutting, reining, barreling racing, roping, it's all about speed and timing. Hours and hours of training drilled down to a millisecond. The right saddle pad can make the difference between a check and no check. The state-of-the-art technologies we use in our pads are the same technologies you watch in equipment used by NFL, NHL, NBA and NBL. Underneath the top fabrics, our all American pads look more like a modern day locker room vs our competitor's pads that belong on Antiques Roadshow. Materials are everything in sports. Shoes, cleats, bats, turf, pads, sticks, mitts, uniforms, helmets, rely on the latest materials to improve the performance and longevity of athletes. Tradition is a wonderful thing for recipes and Holidays... it doesn't belong in an arena. You wouldn't wear your Grandpa Bill's leather football helmet... don't use his saddle pad either. Our Western collection features many styles, all engineered specifically, for the demands of western sports.

Designed with the American Quarter Horse in mind, Jen X pads are under saddle in the toughest arenas and wildest of ranges. Our bi-level bottom combination of fleece allows for temperature control along with an unbelievable grip. We're talking about science, design, functionality, and fashion all in one.These saddle pads are a hybrid of historic washable Pendleton wool fabric and high tech sport performance textiles. Honoring legendary men such as Chief Joseph and Sitting bull, we combine the old with the new to deliver flexibility, breathability, abrasion resistance, and style. 

A little about us and the way we do business....

Our Saddle Pads are 100 PERCENT American Made from ALL American Made Materials. They are not imported or assembled here from rugs made in China, India, or Pakistan. The materials we use come from our American Mills and Factories. They said making a truly All American Product was "impossible", "nobody does that", "cant be done." It can be. We do it. And we are damn proud of it. One question we get asked a lot is "Why do the top Western riders not use our pads?"... Money, we won't give them money. We put our money in our pads and will never sponsor riders for this reason because to us, your horse and your goals and your dreams mean more than a selected few that get the competitive advantage because they are given everything. As you might have picked up, we don't "play by the rules" but we do set the standard. 

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  • XP Barrel Pad in Thunder & Earthquake Oxford XP Barrel Pad in Thunder & Earthquake Oxford XP Barrel Pad in Thunder & Earthquake Oxford XP Barrel Pad in Thunder & Earthquake Oxford XP Barrel Pad in Thunder & Earthquake Oxford

    XP Barrel Pad in Thunder & Earthquake Oxford

    XP Barrel Pad in Pendleton®'s Thunder & Earthquake Oxford Contoured for Normal to High Withered Horses Almost Sold Out. This is not a western saddle pad cut into a "barrel" shape. This is a saddle pad series designed specifically for barrel...

37 of 37 Items