Welcome to the most advanced saddle pads on the market

Utilizing The Most Technologically Advanced Materials

Saddle pads engineered for equestrian sports by combining applied physiology, anatomy, and technology. Made in the USA from USA made materials.

This isn't apples to apples... there is Jen X Equine and there is all the rest.












The Jen X Difference

We design our equipment for the people who dream, breath and live horses ... for the horse who is their partner and best friend. We create for horsemen and horsewomen whose lives and livelihoods depend on their animals. If horses are a part of your very soul ... we get it and we engineer our equipment for you. We are Jen X Equine and we combine the very best of art and science for both you and your horse.


Our Riding Ponchos & Capes

Our Riding Ponchos and Capes are individually handcrafted, making each a unique creation with deep roots in our Equestrian and Old West traditions. Made with all-natural materials, our Ponchos and Capes start with authentic Pendleton Wool, are trimmed in hand striped leather and finished with natural deer shed or buffalo horn toggles to bring it all together.

And never doubt that these beautiful pieces are made in the USA.


Our Designs

State-of-the-art textiles and polymers are allied with independent panel construction, elastic spines, ergonomic insert designs, bi-level contours, which all equate to more shoulder freedom, willing engagement of the back and impulsion of the hind end.

Our saddle pads feature 3 choices of advanced polymers for increased stability, performance and saddle fit correction - including 2 densities of the advanced molecular cushioning system, XRD - a material formulated to absorb over 90% of impact and placed in the pads to provide the ultimate protection for both spines without compromising fit or feel.

Morgan Reiter

My horse and I absolutely love these pads! This is my second one! My horse is a very sensitive Arab and out of all the pads I have tried, he likes his Jen X the most. Mousse and I thank you!

Claudia Duncan

Jen X Pads are made of very high quality materials that provide the best protection, durability and are so easy to clean. They look just beautiful of course. My favourite pads ever.


Erin Alberda

I am absolutely in love with my riding cloak - absolutely functional (rode my Reiner in below freezing temps and was perfectly toasty without getting too hot) AND I have received countless compliments on it. It is truly wearable art!!


Kelsey L. McVay

Jen is absolutely wonderful she does beautiful work and all USA materials. My pads are the best and I don't know what I would do without them. Thank you, Jen, you are great!!!


Kristi Jeppesen Collins

I love, love, love my pads from Jen. I'll never go back to regular pads


We are Jen X Equine & we combine the very best art & science has to offer for both you & your horse