“Renewal” by Susan Point Riding Cloak – Artist Collection




Riding Cloak in “Renewal” by Susan Point – Blanket #437 of 500

Another favorite from the Artist Collection, the Renewal Riding Cloak by Susan Point comes from blanket #437 out of 500. And though this is blanket #437 we can guarantee you this reversible cloak is truly one of a kind. 

With a trim of full eco-tanned New Zealand sheepskin fur, garment weight mule deer leather, and a buffalo toggle you are sure to stand out in a crowd. Not only will it keep you incredibly warm, but the softness of the sheepskin will feel like you’re pampering yourself every time you put it on. 

Here’s how the artist explained her work … and your new Riding Cloak:

“This Spirit World image is meant to reflect a constant Renewal which completes the circle of my Salish people. The spirit of our ancestors as well as the spirit of the whale, salmon and wolf people, including all animals that share our spirit world, remains in balance with the spirit of the land. In this image, the positive and negative spaces create each other through the implementation of the whale motif.”
— Susan Point

 For a lucky few you can even coordinate your saddle pads, be they English and Western, while patterns are still available. Better yet you can wear this cloak anywhere … out on the town, on the slopes, in the arena, at the store, on the trail, in the pub, or at music festivals like Burning Man or Coachella. 

This piece is a one of a kind cloak ideal for a man or woman standing 5’5″ to 5’9″ tall. 

And in case you’re wondering yes … this Riding Cloak is definitely made in the USA.

Have questions … who doesn’t! Just drop us a line at Info@JenXEquine.com and Jen will talk to you all day long.  

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Weight 96 lbs


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