XP English/Enduro Style Saddle Pad in Black



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2019 Xtreme Performance “XP” English/Enduro Style Saddle Pad in Black

XP Endurance Saddle Pads are designed for distance. Contoured, exaggerated profile, and ergonomic cuts create increased mobility and circulation because the insert design don’t bisect your horse’s muscle groups. The XP Endurance Saddle Pad Series utilizes advanced molecular cushioning system with flexible XRD material for exceptional bounce absorption that allows for increased stability and performance. Each pad features a unique air management liner system that disperses heat on contact. Our ultra lightweight and breathable design aides excellent recoveries and maximum mobility. These Xtreme Performance Endurance Saddle Pads are designed to support you and your horse from your first LD through to the world’s toughest courses. 

XP Endurance Saddle Pad Basics

  • The English/Enduro Saddle Pad has a 2″ military grade Elastic spine for maximum freedom of movement through the shoulder and spine.  
  • Flex grip logo patch for added stability
  • XRD molecular technology inserts that absorbs over 90% .
  • Ergonomic cut
  • Completely Shimmable
  • Ultra breathable anti-friction top fabric that stops heat at its source
  • 10oz Breather Core is rated to move up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit
  • 20 micron density fleece bottom wicks away sweat and water for rapid moisture and heat release

XP Endurance Saddle Pad Series

  • 22″ spine, 25″ panel & 19″ flap (customizable upon request at no extra charge)
  • Ultra Lightweight and breathable 
  • Ergonomic saddle pad design creates unrestricted motion and optimal circulation
  • High profile fleece supported spine channel for a unique air management system that immediately disperses heat on contact
  • Machine wash/dry/color safe bleach ON COLD
  • Stock colors include Purple, Lime Green, Black, Brown, White, Royal Blue, and Teal.
  • Endurance Saddle Pads are made in the USA from all U.S. Made Materials

ETC Fabric of Saddle Pads:

  • Lightweight                             
  • Breathable                                                  
  • Provides maximum grip without friction
  • Eliminates moisture & heat at the source
  • Repels dirt, easy to clean, highly durable, breathable and colorfast 

Saddle Pad Breather Core: 

  • Innovative core of highly breathable non-woven polyethylene
  • Capable of wicking moisture and dispersing heat up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit 
  • Promotes airflow (rated at 155 psi)
  • Provides multidirectional conformability 
  • Resistant to oils, solvents, acids and akalis

XRD Advanced Molecular Cushioning System for Saddle Pads:

  • XRD Technology Impact and Support Foam provides the highest level of impact protection for a saddle pad on the equestrian market … by far. (During our research and development the XRD material immediately brought a bowling ball to a dead stop from a 6 foot drop.)                             
  • Impact absorbing inserts are used for increased stability and performance  
  • Inserts do not bisect muscle groups                                                   
  • Inserts are Microban injected to inhibit bacterial growth

Always improving and updating, the XP Endurance saddle pad is the latest in technological advances in textiles and polymers worthy of the extreme sport of Endurance. The pad design is all about the physiological and impact control needs of the horse with bonus features of wash and wear, and extra impact protection for the horse and rider. 

We think about Endurance equipment the same way you do … horse first. High profile fleece supported spine channel, immediate heat dispersal, and XRD impact absorbing inserts help you become a more effective rider and maintain your position longer. 

Our saddle pad designs translate into less human and equine fatigue, allows for faster and better PNR results, better vet scores and faster overall recoveries. Jen’s endurance designs are used by the U.S and other World Teams on all of the toughest courses around the globe. 

ETC technical fabric reduces friction to almost zero, eliminates moisture & heat and brings comfort and extended wearability to previously unattainable levels. Our Innovative Breather Core provides a highly breathable non-woven polyester liner that disperses up to 480F degrees of heat with 155 PSI. It is highly durable, breathable, and colorfast. This fabric is designed to stop heat and moisture at the source thus eliminating the cause instead of managing the problem.

30mm 20 micron density sheepskin alternative fleece provides the maximum moisture management and heat dispersal  … that means your days of soggy, fungus infested saddle pads are over. This easy care, quality fleece, provides rapid heat release along with pressure relief. Excellent breathability allows air and blood flow to circulate freely between the saddle pad and your horse.

The XRD inserts are free moving to increase flexibility and protect both horse and rider. Our XRD Technology Impact and Support Foam provides the highest level of impact protection on the equestrian market. This cutting-edge molecular technology is the only impact technology rated for equine sport and we use almost twice the amount of XRD than other companies. Why? Because it’s about the safety of riders, the safety of their horses, and doing what’s right. Our inserts are also Microban injected to inhibit bacterial growth. There is no apples to apples in this market … there is Jen X Equine and there are the rest. 

Still have questions about our XP Endurance Saddle Pads? 

Feel free to drop us a line at Info@JenXEquine.com for more. 

Have more questions about our saddle pads? Then take a look Inside the Designs.  


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Weight 96 lbs
Insert Technology Material

Nextjen 3/4" Insert, XRD 1/2", XRD 1/4" Insert


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