Dressage Half Pad, Highland collection, Ergonomic design in Black Watch Plaid





Highland Ergonomic Dressage Half Pad in authentic Pendleton Black Watch Plaid

Half pads are ultra-breathable, machine washable and include the highest rated shock absorbing shims in the industry. That translates into your horse’s back muscles receiving increased blood circulation which translates into a smoother ride for everyone. And Pendleton®’s Black Watch pattern provides a stellar accent to a half pad made specifically for dressage. 

The pattern, Black Watch Plaid, gets its name from one of the companies sent to patrol the Highlands under Col. William Grant roughly around 1725. The company eventually grew into the 43rd regiment and the Black Watch plaid would ultimately appear on the front lines of the French Wars, World War I, and World War II. 

Pendleton® Wool is made in the USA and their legendary fabrics have been a staple in American homes – from the prairies to the White House, for over 129 years. Their Native American tribal designs are iconic and have been culturally intertwined with our North American Native Peoples over the last century. Considered heirloom quality, their wool is recognized as among the finest in the world. 

Highland Dressage Half Pads are available in one size and fit saddles 17″-19″ – custom sizing available with a five working day lead time.

And what does the ergonomic feature offer? A support of all purpose and close contact saddles without bisecting the muscle group of the shoulder. All that and a bag of chips

Additional information

Weight 67 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 19 × 14 in
Front Insert

PORON® XRD® 1/4" Insert Technology, PORON® XRD® 1/2" Insert Technology, Nextjen 3/4" HD Visco Ortho Support Technology

Back Insert

PORON® XRD® 1/4″ Insert Technology, PORON® XRD® 1/2″ Insert Technology, Nextjen 3/4″ HD Visco Ortho Support Technology


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