Dressage Saddle Pad in White, XP Collection





Dressage Saddle Pad in White, XP Collection

The ballet of horsemanship. Where every move, every step, every breath is a taken for a specific purpose that translate into the elegance that is dressage. Your horses must be in tiptop shape to excel in this most elegant of sports – which means you need the best of all saddle pads to accomplish such a goal. Good thing you came to Jen X. 

With an ergonomic design that allows freedom of movement, our dressage saddle pads are made to fit. While that might sound obvious, most of the pads out there don’t. 

See most pads are clumped together without thought of how they impact the horse or saddle. Our dressage saddle pads, on the other hand, are specifically designed with both in mind. Think about your saddle’s panel and how that drives most pads into your horse’s back and shoulders. Cutting into the back and shoulders means cutting into the circulation which means your horse won’t be able to perform to the best of his/her abilities. Our pads prevent that from happening. 

But it doesn’t stop there. 

Our dressage saddle pads have a unique air management liner system that disperses heat on contact. They are ultra lightweight and an advanced molecular cushioning system for exceptional impact absorption that provides increased stability and performance. And they washer/dryer safe. Really … the are!

Jen’s pads have been under saddle for the U.S. Olympic and WEG Teams. Used by amateurs and professionals alike, once you have it under saddle you’ll never look back. 

Available in black or white though other colors are available with a 5 working day lead time. Ask about current color selection.

Dressage saddle pads have 23″ spine and 19″ flap.

Additional information

Weight 64 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 21 × 18 in
Insert Technology Material

Nextjen 3/4" Insert, XRD 1/2", XRD 1/4" Insert

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  1. Kelli D.

    Love my Dressage pad.
    I really feel it makes a big difference.

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