Shaped Western Trail Saddle Pad in Serape Turquoise





Shaped Western Trail Saddle Pad in Pendleton’s Serape Turquoise


Pendleton’s version of the iconic Serape has a wonderful texture for those needing a little bit more grip.  It is a medium weight fabric and perfect for demanding mountain terrain and hot desert riding.  Serape is available in Turquoise (as shown), hot pink, red, blue and black….All are stunning,

First finding popularity in the United States after World War II, endurance trail riding demands the best in conditioning for both the rider and the horse. But all that conditioning goes right out the window if your gear, especially your saddle pad, isn’t up to snuff. 

Based on the groundbreaking JenX designs that were under saddle when the U.S. Olympic team rode in London in 2012 and Team Canada rode in the 2018 WEGs, our Endurance Trail Saddle Pads provides the support and comfort needed for the shortest and longest of rides. If you plan on taking the plunge then you (and our horse) deserve the very best to ensure the finish line doesn’t finish your love of the sport. 

So get going, get on the trail, and get a Jen X Endurance Trail Saddle Pad to make your trail riding experience the best it can be.

Stock Endurance Trail Saddle Pad Size:

  • Spine length 24″
  • Panel length 26″
  • Flap length 19″


Saddle Pad Care instructions: 

  • All Pendleton pads are washer friendly ON COLD
  • Hang to dry
  • If there is wear on the leathers then oil right out of the machine
  • Should be relatively easy as the inserts are removable
  • Please contact us at for more. 


Have more questions about our saddle pads? Then take a look Inside the Designs.  

Additional information

Weight 112 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 24 × 19 in
Insert Technology Materials

Nextjen 3/4" HD Visco Ortho Support Technology, PORON® XRD® 1/2" Insert Technology, PORON® XRD® 1/4" Insert Technology


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