S4 “Super Stick” Saddle Pad in San Gabriel





S4 “Super Stick” Saddle Pad in San Gabriel

When it comes down to a faction of a second… this is the series that brings home the checks.  

S4 stands for “Savoire Suede Super Stick” and is the only physiologically sound grip in the industry.  It actually protects your horse from the impact of the job while providing an unmatched stability that allows you to feel every footfall.  

The story behind the S4 line is a “right under your nose” tale.  Never one to compromise the horse, Jen had been searching over 6 years for a physiologically sound alternative to traditional grips on the market such as neoprene, rug stop, shelf liner… all which lead to over heating, friction and eventual soreness caused by breakdown of the horse’s soft tissue. She had gone to materials show after materials show throughout the country rejecting 1000’s of samples.  

She was very familiar with Savoire Suede, having worked with it on multiple projects throughout the years but it wasn’t until, just by chance, one piece of fabric fell facedown on another piece of the same fabric as she was working on design. She tried to push the two pieces of fabric out of her way to find they bound to each other. They fell to the floor locked in place.  She picked up the two pieces of fabric still bonded together and the light bulb went off…Could it be?  Had it been “under her nose” this whole time? The project she was working on got pushed aside and within hours she had a working prototype of what is now calls the S4 Series.  

Designed for arena work, the S4 is the performance advantage for any speed event and excels at Calf Roping, Mounted Shooting, Barrels or any other sport where a millisecond makes all the difference.  We don’t just make equine equipment, we revolutionize it.

It is said “The Devil is in the Details”, we say the “Difference is in the Details”

Here are the Details….

S4 Half Pads have all the super functionality of our XP Half Pads and are the first layer that creates the “Super Stick”. (For more about Western Half Pads, see the XP Half Pads)  S4 Half Pads along with a TnT Blanket create this two piece set of equipment and can be mixed and matched. Each piece can be used independently but only together do they create the “Super Stick” bond.  Our Tough N Technical (TnT) Blankets are made from authentic Pendleton wool, 18 oz of Breather Core, backed with Savoire Suede and finished with 9oz of American Bison wear leathers. The Half Pads are easily shimmed, washer,dryer/color safe bleach safe and come with XRD technology inserts (the highest impact absorbing rating in the equine industry!).  Western Half Pads come in Black, Brown, Navy, White, Purple, Blue and Red. Made from extreme performance materials, they are …

  • Durable
  • Breathable 
  • Protect the back
  • Support soft tissue
  • Contoured for contact
  • Enhance performance
  • Wash/dry/color safe bleach 
  • Inhibit fungus, bacteria and virus

30mm 20 micron density Fleece – The days of soggy, fungus infested saddle pads are over thanks to our Sheepskin Alternative Fleece. This wash/dry/bleach friendly fleece provides rapid heat release along with pressure relief. Excellent breathability allows air and blood flow to circulate freely between the saddle pad and your horse’s back.

Savoire Suede is a lightweight, breathable washer/dryer/color safe bleach friendly material that provides grip without friction. It’s the only non-slip in the industry physiologically sound for horses. The weave acts as a membrane to encourage moisture evaporation and prevent heat build up while keeping the saddle securely in place.

Breather Cloth provides an innovative core of highly breathable non-woven polyester capable of wicking moisture and dispersing temperatures up to 480°F.

Our insert are made from XRD Molecular impact absorbing Technology 

Additional information

Weight 96 lbs
Insert Technology Materials

Nextjen 3/4" HD Visco Ortho Support Technology, PORON® XRD® 1/2" Insert Technology, PORON® XRD® 1/4" Insert Technology


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