Saddle Pad Inserts – 1/4″ (6mm) 20 lbs Density PORON® XRD™ Technology



1/4″ (6mm) 20 lbs Density PORON® XRD™ Technology  Saddle Pad Inserts

Xtreme Protection and Top Performance … the most impact absorbing inserts in equine industry.

An ultra-light and ergonomically cut layer of high density PORON® XRD™ provides ultimate protection for horse and rider by absorbing more than 90% of impact. Comprised of millions of microscopic molecules, PORON® XRD™ conforms to your horses back, recovering instantly after every step and continually adjusting a protective shield against shock. The ergonomic design allows full range of motion as it blends with your horse’s musculoskeletal system. Our inserts provide freedom of movement for the horse, a more secure seat for the rider, and back protection for you both. PORON® XRD™ is a Microban injected (not coated) product for antifungal and antimicrobial protection that will not wipe or wear off.

Our 1/4″ inserts have all the same shock absorbing qualities as our 1/2″ thanks to their higher density rating. That means they’re a great choice for English saddles, round barreled horses, close fitting saddles, and riders looking for closer contact. 

Our 20 lbs density, 1/4″, non-perforated PORON® XRD™ inserts have the highest rated shock absorption capabilities – not just in the equine industry but in any human sport. Why? Because equine sports have the highest impact ratios of any major sport. Absorbing more than 90% of the impact, our inserts protect you and your horse’s back from the daily grind as well as major impacts.

Every equestrian knows that our sport has more traumatic brain injuries (TBIs)  and concussions than all major sports combined! That’s why we at Jen X searched the world over for the most advanced materials that keep us safer, help us perform better, and allow us to enjoy our sports knowing we’re doing everything we can for our safety and the safety of our silent partners who give us their all. 

Specify which style inserts you would like us to cut and include in the “comment” section. If you need custom sized inserts, include those measurements in the comments but shoot us an email or give us a call to be safe.

To see for yourself, check out this independent video on YouTube. There are many more but this one more than tells the story.


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