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XP Dressage Half Pad in White

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What makes our saddle pads so different from everything else on the market? …. Just about everything….

XP stands for Extreme Performance....
Extreme Impact protection
Extreme Breathablility
Extreme Washability
Extreme Comfort
Extreme Adjustability

Choose from our 3 heights of inserts to adjust and correct saddle fit front and back. Horse downhill?... no problem. Saddle needs some lift in the problem. No benign fillers in our insert shims, they adjust and protect all at the same time.

- 1/4" XRD molecular impact foam absorbs all the impact of the most extreme equine sport with 0 saddle fit interference.

- 1/2" XRD molecular impact foam is also made for the most extreme equine sports with saddle fit correction... this is a great choice for cross country and our go-to for 100 mile endurance as the horses in endurance can loose up to 50lbs in a ride.

-3/4" Nexjen HP Visco will lift and correct while supporting your horse's soft tissue, allowing for continued strength building of the back.

Choose wisely Grasshopper ;-).... but if your horse, saddle or whatever changes, we sell the shims separately too.

Our new XP line is the next generation of saddle pads from the designer of the first official saddle pads of the USEF. If you watched the Olympics or WEGs then you’ve seen Jen’s work. So although this may be a new line,'s far from our first rodeo.

Why are they shaped like this way? Because they are ergonomically designed to today’s saddle panels. Our XP Half Pads evenly support the entire length of your saddle panels AND your horse’s muscles under them. Complete support increases range of motion of the shoulder and stability of the saddle. Why do all other companies make their half pads to fit saddle panels from the late 1800’s? …. We don’t know either.

We make our pads from All American high performance sporting textiles made and manufactured here in the U.S. Each material is chosen specifically for the needs of equine sport. Washer/dryer/ color safe bleach safe, make this the most advanced saddle pad on the market. Available in AP/Close Contact and Dressage styles and in COLORS!!! All half saddle pads are insert and shim compatible. Matching Neck Straps and Stirrup Straps to create any color/logo/barn theme you want.

MADE IN THE USA BY ALL U.S. MADE MATERIALS... and designed by a Jypsy Soul.

Got a pony or need a draft size... contact us. We custom size free of charge :-)

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