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  • Boho Mountain Satchel Heavy Weight Pendleton

    Boho Mountain Satchel Heavy Weight Pendleton

    Our Boho Mountain Stachel made with blanket weight pendleton on one side and yakima wool on the other, or sometimes melton or sometimes...whatever Jen thinks matches best. Each is a one of kind and available only in store or during the Christmas market...

  • Infinity Scarf

    Made from Medium Weight Pendleton Wool. Wrap once, wrap twice or wrap as a present.  So fun an Boho Mountain Sassy.

  • Product Bag

    Product Bag

    Perfect little makeup bag for inside your purse. Each one is one of a kind so dont forget to write the pattern you want in the comment section.

  • Cell Phone/ Passport Carrier

    Cell Phone/ Passport Carrier

    These one of a kind adjustable strap bags are fitted to cellphones and passports.  Each one is unique so dont forget to write down the one you picked on the live in the comment section so we can get you the right one. Motorcycles, horses, traveling,...

  • Eyeglass/Girl stuff bag

    Eyeglass/Girl stuff bag

    Our eyeglass bags are the perfect size and perfect gift. They may look small but they hold a lot. Great to protect your eyeglasses and tampons in your purse.  Each bag is one of a kind so be sure to write in the comments which bag you want.

  • Stewart Plaid Yakima Lake Black Watch Plaid High Ridge Blue Stripe Yakima Heather Green

    Mountain Boho Satchel

    New right in time for Christmas!! Sassy, simple, fun... and becasue its one of Jen's designs, functional. Mountian Boho is the hottest look this year though we like it every year. These 14" x 14" bags are large enough to carry just about anything to the...

7 of 7 Items