Support Saddle Pad Inserts – Nextjen HD Visco Technology




Support Saddle Pad Inserts – Nextjen HD Visco Technology 

This ain’t your granddaddy’s orthopedic foam 😉

Visco elastic foams have been a staple in the bedding industry for a decade. Commonly referred to as “Memory Foam”, viscos have expanded to offer great comfort as a soft tissue support/pressure relief in footwear, orthopedic equipment, mattresses and even pillows. But they weren’t as successful in our industry.

Until now.

Introducing Nextjen – a visco elastic that is four years in the making (thanks Dr. L.) Nextjen’s super high performance density allows it to succeed where the others fell flat. With a temperature breadth functioning at super high and low temps (-40F/C  to 220F ((104.5C)) with an optimal functioning temp of 102F (39C), it’s there, providing protection with every footfall. (Stick it in the oven and/or freezer and test it yourself.) 

Nextjen cradles your horses back in constant and even support throughout the entire ride. Oh, and did we mention its shock absorption capabilities? Nextjen allows your saddle to nestle in for a more secure fit while still allowing their blood supply to flow unimpeded to your horse’s back muscles. 

Nextjen is perfect for treeless saddles (spine clearance), horses building or rebuilding their topline, ortho/rehab issues, correcting saddle fit and is perfect for shims. A set of these should be in every tack room and trailer for those “just in case” moments that always happen.  


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Weight 42 lbs

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  1. Charlotte Shulfer

    Ordered two sets of these to accommodate two horses. Such a great asset to have in conjunction with the one of the best saddle pads I own!

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