Lojic Stirrup Straps in Royal Blue



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– Anti-Stretch

– Waterproof 

– Low Torsion 

– Rinse clean in seconds

– Will not mildew or mold

– 1000lbs per inch break strength 

– Stronger and thinner than leather

– Ultra UVR colored thread to matchy-match or mix and match

Ever wonder why most equine equipment is made from materials that could literally be found in the Stone Age?….yeah, us too.

Our Stirrup straps are made from Biothane – Biothane TPU Alloy coated webbing is stronger, lighter and more durable than leather. It will rinse clean in seconds…even after the muddiest ride. Our thinner straps reduce bulk, reduce torsion on the knees, are anti-stretch, waterproof and will not mold or mildew. They have 1″ hole spacing for a dialed in feel, come in a whole heap of UVR ultra colorfast thread accent colors that will match any barn, trainer or flag… speaking of flags… Our Stirrup Straps are made in the USA from all U.S. Made Materials.  And now you know why we we named them “Lojic” because they are the most logical, smartest Stirrup Straps on the market.

Don’t see your color? Message us, being a new line, we probably just haven’t posted them to the website yet.

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Choose Your Length

46", 50", 54", 58", 62", 66", 70"


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