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Endurance Trail in Serape Turquoise

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Endurance Trail in Pendleton’s Serape               Turquoise

This saddle pad's top frabic is made of 100% Pendleton® Serape, a unique blend of wool and cotton. This textured material adds a non abrassive grip that is a great performance feature of mountian riding and treeless saddles. The cotton/wool blend makes it very breathable and incredibly durable. Perfect for 50-75 milers and for long trail rides in hot humid climates. All the pop and color of the thicker Pendleton, without the thickness of the heavier weight fabrics, in a tradional vibrant pattern. 

Whether an easy ride or an all out push to the other side of the mountain, this pad will tackle the heat and humidity, while you conquor the terrian. Choose from the three styles of inserts to protect both you and your horse's back, every step of the way. Pendleton wool makes these pads naturally weather and water resistant.

This collection of pads is designed to let you both enjoy the miles, not feel them.   

Like all of our saddle pads this Endurance Trail pad is designed by a rider, a trainer, and a designer which means she understands exactly what you and your horse need to make every ride the best and most comfortable it can be. 

This saddle pad is manufactured in the USA with 100% U.S. made materials. 

Stock Endruance Trail Saddle Pad Size:

  • 26″ spine
  • 28″ panel width
  • 19″ flap 

These pads are more than just a pretty product, this is an engineered piece of equine equipment specifically created for the demands of competion and pleasure trail riding. 

Need a little more or a little less? Just say the word and we’ll customize your saddle pad at no extra charge. 

Saddle Pad Care instructions: 

  • All Pendleton® pads are washer friendly ON COLD
  • Hang to dry
  • Oil wear leathers right out of the machine while damp
  • Inserts are removable for the occational rinse with the hose
  • Please contact us at for more. 



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